first shoulder heavies in a few

It’s been since before the hospital that I lifted heavy shoulders, maybe 3 months. Shoulders are my new favorite muscle group to lift.Warmed up w/ stretches & shoulder dislocations (which are rad, by the way).Lifted some light chest to warm-up then went to shoulders. warm-up barbell flat bench press 2 x 12 @ 135 lbs… Continue reading first shoulder heavies in a few

glad I’m not a runner

May 2, 2008 – Went kinda hard today. Temps were cool so I could push my lungs and heart a little more. date: 5/2/2008 start time: 3:49 PM highest HR: 186 Kcal: 325 duration: 19:15 avg. HR: 165

running’s OK

April 30, 2008 – I’m not totally sick of running yet. It seems to help my poor lil’ lungs 🙁 date: 4/30/2008 start time: 2:18 PM highest HR: 181 Kcal: 337 duration: 19:57 avg. HR: 165

started running again

April 29, 2008 – This is my second or third run since the hospital. I’m probably not going to the Olympics this year. Here’s what my new heart rate monitor had to say about it: date: 4/29/2008 start time: 3:49 PM highest HR: 181 Kcal: 388 duration: 22:24 avg. HR: 165


I’m back on the classic flat/close-grip/incline bench press routine. Two main sets of each Mondays, shoulders Tuesday and light bench Thursdays. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks with amazing results. My strength is coming back fast. Today I put up 155 for a set of 10 on flat bench, 135 for 12 close-grip… Continue reading stronger

back in the game

It’s been a while. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve written about the bench. Sorry, bench press. I have no excuse. Well, I have one excuse: my seventeen day vacation to Cottage Hospital. From October through January I was benching light, trying to keep my strength while losing weight for climbing. Then I got… Continue reading back in the game

and then…

No ‘and then’. Still taking it easy. Slow flat bench press reps at 185 lbs for sets of 10-12. No close-grip. No incline. I’m doing dips though. I did three sets of 25 – kind of a lot for me. The focus now is to lose weight for climbing, rest my chest and shoulders, and… Continue reading and then…

backing off

This Wednesday I went back to easy weight on the bench, about 60%. The session was really short, just light bech press with my feet up, going slow for two sets of 12, three sets of 20 dips and some cable push-downs. And my shoulder feels good.