lunch water, keeps going and going…

I swam 3000m today, my longest routine in recent memory. It took less than 1.5 hours, which is kinda good, I think. And it went surprisingly smooth – no problems until after 2500m when everything started to cramp. This maybe is not a distance I can maintain every day. My typical 2000m in 1 hour will probably have to suffice for most sessions. But on weekends and the occasional “holiday”, the ultra-distance routine could pay dividends for my fitness. Already I’m feeling the difference added volume has made to my stroke – the movement feels smoother and more efficient in all aspects. Oh, and if the masters swim club, or whatever that group of old fools is, who take up 3 lanes every afternoon is reading: suck it. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I’ll just head over to the pool and swim around with my other Nazi friends…”, when, out of nowhere, I punch you in the face – if you can put 30 pentagenarians in 3 lanes and swim 100s for an hour, I get to punch you in the face when you inevitably cause me to implode. And you can stop glaring at me through your stupid little swim goggles.

last water, good distance

I increased my workout distance significantly today. There was no real coherent plan – a lot of pull, pull w/ paddles, a 200 IM, and a bunch of zipperswitch drill interspersed – for a total of 2000m. That distance was the true goal. And it was no joke considering the pool is only available from 7:15 to 8:15 in the evening. I was fairly spent at the end.

total distance: 2000m

last water, back in the high life again

Today is my first day back in the pool for a couple weeks, and a few weeks since I’ve noted a swim routine here. Things weren’t going so well with my back for a while there. This nervous condition, I guess, was sending sharp pains down the back of my left leg and I believe the lower back component of the swimming process was to blame – probably all the fly kick. In any event, a couple weeks dry seems to have alleviated the ailment. I was careful today to take things easy, incorporating very little fly kick and doing so only with a smooth, controlled, half-tempo stroke.

total distance: 1300m

last water, IM be good

My butterfly is coming together. I did a 200m IM today without passing out. Amazingly.

da numbers:

  • 400m easy free/pull
  • 3 x 100m free @ 2:00
  • 100m fly kick drill
  • 200m IM
  • 200m pull
  • 200m kick

total distance: 1400m

last water, IM progress

This evening’s pool session felt alright. Of note was the 4 x 100 of IM strokes I did, which started with my first 100m of fly in long course. Well, 2-kick fly, but that’s still progress. What by all indications should have been a flat swimming day turned in to a good workout. Just getting in the water was a challenge after the weekend’s epic between the Tor and Pine Mountain. But, as usual, I’m glad I motivated to train. In total, the workout was 1500m, with focus on IM strokes and kick, 500m of kick to be exact.

last water, slow lane

I took another hit of Albuterol before getting in the pool last night. It made a little bit of a difference. My 100m free times were a touch faster than usual, but any good feelings I may have experienced from that were eclipsed by the level of talent of the human fishes next to me. Apparently yesterday was the day abnormally fast swimmers chose to workout at the Los Banos Community Pool. They were fast. I am not. Though I felt good for me, I got totally smoked, and realized I am a fat loser. Actually, that’s not even accurate – there was a fat guy there who was faster than me. I’m whatever is worse than a fat loser. Maybe I’m fat on the inside.

da numbers:

  • 400m easy free/zipperswitch
  • 6 x 100m free @ 2:30
    • coming in between 1:35 – 1:40
  • 200m IM
    • This hurt. But that’s good cuz I’ve never finished an IM in long course. Yay! – Here’s a cookie now stop sucking.
  • 300m kick

total distance: 1500m

last water, kick or treat

Lots of kicking last night. After a quick 1000m of freestyle, zipperswitch, zipperswitch with fly kick, and butterfly, I kicked for 500m. That’s probably more kicking than I’ve done for quite some time. It felt good, and kept feeling better the longer I went. Note to self: do more kick work. By about 200m my legs were cramping, but that went away before 350m. Towards the end I felt like I could go forever, until they closed the pool. Rad.

last water, good times

Last night’s pool session was pretty good. Butterfly feels good, my freestyle is all stretched out from zipperswitch drills, my legs are hammered from lots of kicking, and I’m feeling pretty comfortable throughout the duration of my routine. I did 1300m. Good times.

last water, kinda good

Last night’s pool session was kinda good. There was some freestyle and butterfly going down. Things felt smooth but I wasn’t keeping track of time. And at the end I did a bunch of kick work, which brought the cramps out like a mother. Total distance: 1200m.