rad photo

I found this at UKClimbing: That’s Katy Whittaker sending Braille Trail (E7 6C) protected by a door handle, a nail (probably), and a micro cam. Rad. crankenstein.com

get angry, onion

Climbing lessons – from a Burger King Whopper: I’ve been falling on this project for quite some time. Atreyu has already taken much longer than anticipated and I’m still not done. Be the angry onion. There are levels to climbing performance, as I’m sure there are in any sport, which require us to change dramatically… Continue reading get angry, onion

last water, kick or treat

Lots of kicking last night. After a quick 1000m of freestyle, zipperswitch, zipperswitch with fly kick, and butterfly, I kicked for 500m. That’s probably more kicking than I’ve done for quite some time. It felt good, and kept feeling better the longer I went. Note to self: do more kick work. By about 200m my… Continue reading last water, kick or treat

opportunities for growth

Me peeling off Desert Shield. Micah getting all introspective on a high-ball in the Hall of Horrors Area. Another personal growth opportunity on Shakin’ Hands With the Unemployed. Justin on Satanic Mechanic. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk Tyler Durden would crank at Joshua Tree. Don’t… Continue reading opportunities for growth

lunch water, breathing easy

Mary and her glass chamber. Biking with Ungerer. My favorite pulmonologist: Dr. Ungerer. I saw Dr. Ungerer earlier in the day. He’s still rad. After putting me through his typical battery of breathing exams, we discussed some lingering affects I may experience from last year’s lung trauma. Of specific concern was prolonged muscle weakness, as… Continue reading lunch water, breathing easy

loads of climbing this weekend

This weekend was a seriously rad climb-athon. Owl Tor Saturday, Echo Sunday. Actually, the Tor kinda sucked because I put in 3 more burns on Atreyu (5.13b) and was spit off 3 more times. But Elijah, wasn’t Saturday the seventh day this season you were slapped off the last move of Atreyu? Why yes, I… Continue reading loads of climbing this weekend

last water, better every time

Wednesday night’s pool session felt good. And it’s about time. I wasn’t too psyched on swimming for a couple months there. What with winter weather and reduced sunlight hours, I was contemplating leaving the water indefinitely. But after a few positive sessions I’m glad I stuck it out. Wednesday’s focus was on freestyle, stretching out… Continue reading last water, better every time