first water never felt so good

It’s been a while since pushing back the inside of that envelope felt good in a pool. This morning’s session was both punishing and smooth. This has got to be the first time in years I felt that groove where a smooth stroke lives, letting me autopilot through a nearly respectable set: 10 x 100m… Continue reading first water never felt so good


Elhanan and I met Justin, Jud, Jessica and Andy yesterday for a session at Gibraltar Rock. Celebrations the night before were a touch intense. Thus, Justin and I were not cranking precisely. As torched as I felt that morning, I’m giving myself substantial credit just for showing up. Justin too. Evening sun provided sweet light:… Continue reading Gibraltar


Saturday proved to be one of those rare rad days at Owl Tor. This marks the opening of redpoint season in Santa Maria. Stuff was getting sent left and right – Micah on The Sea and me on the 6 routes of my planned routine. Not to mention Phil’s triumphant return, an Elhanan appearance and… Continue reading smoove

return of the king

Phil returns to the Tor tomorrow. Finally. And I gotta say: he’s suspect. I’m a little suspicious of his new condition. This “operation” to repair his shoulder has me wondering what, excactly, was done to his body. And I’m letting him know, at the first sound of a mechanical whine or digital chirp I am… Continue reading return of the king

lifting doesn’t feel so good anymore

Now that I’m lifting weights once a week and swimming almost daily my joints don’t feel super good after a session with the weights. For instance, I’m sore today. I lifted last night with Marcela at the Shed. She has great form on the bench, by the way. But the once a week thing is… Continue reading lifting doesn’t feel so good anymore