pneumonia does not help your freediving

So, I went to the hospital and stuff for pneumonia last month. It sucked and has set back my freediving by more than a little. In fact, my breath holds are now ridiculous – ridiculous in a bad way. Hopefully, by this summer I’ll be out there.

back in the game

It’s been a while. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve written about the bench. Sorry, bench press. I have no excuse. Well, I have one excuse: my seventeen day vacation to Cottage Hospital. From October through January I was benching light, trying to keep my strength while losing weight for climbing. Then I got… Continue reading back in the game

thanks, everyone

I need to thank everyone who participated in my care at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital, visited me, called or had me in their thoughts while I was not doing so well. This is a whole bunch of people. Without the dedication of the doctors in charge of my treatment, the personal interest every nurse and… Continue reading thanks, everyone