Wait, where am I?

Surprise! I’m at work.
But, Elijah, it’s 3:30 in the morning.
That’s right!
And here’s something new I learned about wildfires: they make your power go out. They make your power go out for so long that every server, switch, router and coffee maker at work silently explodes. Ahh, IT… just 1s and 0s, right? What could be so difficult?
Well, the mysteriously named ‘Gap Fire’ went to town on the hills behind my home/work again last night. And despite our best efforts at containment, no matter how much we drank in the front lawn watching the thing, it continued to ravage our neighborhood. At this point I’m qualifying it as big. Possibly ‘way big’.

it’s getting hot in hurr

Santa Barbara bouldering poster boy, and fellow Owl Tor aficionado, Brian Spiering peeped these photos of our area’s iconic bouldering locale, West Camino Cielo, up in flames last night. At about 6:00 yesterday evening things got bright up in the hills behind our domiciles, prompting Brian’s and my neighborhood to be on alert for evacuation. We were spared those orders by about 4 blocks but tonight could be spicier. I hate to see forest burn, though I’m aware this is healthy and necessary to our preserved lands. Brian is way more pumped. With the foliage out of the way he’s expecting this to open up some new crags. We shall see.

photos courtesy Brian Spiering, Amerian Riviera Bouldering