day 7, I mean 1

What would have been my seventh consecutive Saturday of the season projecting Hard Boiled at Mr. Lee’s turned into my first day at Owl Tor. No complaints here – I frickin’ love the Tor (and by ‘love’ I mean ‘love/hate’). Truth be told, I was a little disappointed because I had spent the previous week… Continue reading day 7, I mean 1

Refugio at dawn

I dove at Refugio this morning, real early. Judging from my current pseudo-comatose state, maybe too early. This is minute 19 since my arrival at work and I feel no amount of coffee can save me now. Ben and I met at 6:30 AM at the Bacara to get in the water by 7:00, aka.… Continue reading Refugio at dawn

finger problem

My ring finger on my left hand has been hurting lately. It doesn’t hurt to climb or stretch it. Only touching it between my knuckle and first joint is painful. So, I haven’t taken it too seriously and it’s been getting worse for a couple weeks. It might be time to cut back, take it… Continue reading finger problem

and then…

No ‘and then’. Still taking it easy. Slow flat bench press reps at 185 lbs for sets of 10-12. No close-grip. No incline. I’m doing dips though. I did three sets of 25 – kind of a lot for me. The focus now is to lose weight for climbing, rest my chest and shoulders, and… Continue reading and then…

day fo’

Day frickin’ four. Four days on Hard Boiled. My relationship with this route has blossomed I feel. And I believe we are on the verge of a meaningful transition. Next weekend, on my fifth day courting its redpoint, I foresee Hard Boiled and I progressing into what I consider TOTAL HELL. I’m talking big falls,… Continue reading day fo’