because more difficult is more awesome

Keeping with this theme I’m trying out a new method of video delivery – an inappropriately complex and compulsively robust technique that’s fully rad. Behold:   jwplayer(‘mediaplayer’).setup({ file: “rtmp://”, width: “720”, height: “480” }); me on Better Than Life 8a+, Owl Tor, Santa Maria, California

commence Operation Don’t Suck

I’m back from a one week trip to Henderson, Nevada for my bi-yearly commitment to bettering myself professionally, namely the CCIE written exam, and I’m fully focused now on the coming summer’s climbing goals, that is: don’t suck. This weekend saw a refreshingly populous crew of Santa Barbara locals for the season’s third day at… Continue reading commence Operation Don’t Suck

the crankmuffin conspiracy

Climbing nuggets need a name, so I took action: Thanks for your definition of crankmuffin! There’s one more step: click this link to review and confirm the definition. (If the link is not underlined, you may have to copy and paste it into your web browser.) If you didn’t request this email, please ignore… Continue reading the crankmuffin conspiracy

making wine does not make for good climbing

These photos are from a week ago. I was just too lazy to write about it last week. Elhanan and I “helped” Justin drink some of the grape juice he’s making in to wine before heading over to Owl Tor. Hopefully when this stuff is finished it will taste better than it does now. 6… Continue reading making wine does not make for good climbing

that which does not kill me makes me madder

Owl Tor made me mean. She had to have seen this coming. Probably she knew all along her special kind of relentless derision would make a person mean if it didn’t break them. Which explains why on Saturday, on my second consecutive weekend of uncharacteristically strong performances, I still feel beaten. What else could I… Continue reading that which does not kill me makes me madder