truly exxxtreme

Instead of climbing at Mr. Lee’s this weekend, where I should have been, I went dumbassing with Micah and Elhanan at Seven Falls. It rained in town. A lot. So, obviously, we hiked/climbed through Seven Falls in wetsuits. Seriously.

Micah vs. 7 Falls
total jackassery
Elhanan vs. 7 Falls
mono vs. 7 Falls
Were you pulling down mono’s in a wetsuit at Seven Falls yesterday? Cuz I was. And I didn’t see you there.
Micah vs. water
That’s not just a photo of a deluge of water. That’s a photo of Micah in a deluge of water.

so close, and yet so far away

I got up to Santa Maria last Wednesday and Saturday, days 14 and 15 of my season epic on Hard Boiled. Wednesday was a disaster: 3 falls throwing for the crux crimp, not even a high point. And then there was Saturday. First, Chris redpoints it on his first go of the day. What an asshole. On my second go I caught the crimp, then the pinch, made the last clip, made a bid for the chains, and fell on the last move. It gets better. Weather forecast for the week: rain, every day. Pretty inspiring, I know.

my back is stupid

Last Saturday didn’t count. I went to Mr. Lee’s but a cramp in my back was so painful I couldn’t climb. I tried to warm up on Shores of Hell but it just got worse. Then it got bad. It got bad and stupid. Super aggravating. Oh well, at least I got to lay on the ground all day and watch everyone else climb. Fuck.

day 13

So, I finally hit the crux pinch on Hard Boiled. And for about 1/1000 of a second, it felt like redpoint time. Never in my life have I hit a hold that bad. My fucking fingers were, like, fucking folded under themselves or something. I can’t really remember, except to say that it was bad. I though for a moment I could make something out of it, then I was outta there. I thought I might have had enough of the pinch to bump on to it, but no. The pinch spit me off. But it was close.