truly exxxtreme

Instead of climbing at Mr. Lee’s this weekend, where I should have been, I went dumbassing with Micah and Elhanan at Seven Falls. It rained in town. A lot. So, obviously, we hiked/climbed through Seven Falls in wetsuits. Seriously.


Another good freediving video, this time with Russians in Egypt (at least I think they’re Russian, and I think they’re in Egypt): YogaDa! Freediving – In space and back without scuba

day 13

So, I finally hit the crux pinch on Hard Boiled. And for about 1/1000 of a second, it felt like redpoint time. Never in my life have I hit a hold that bad. My fucking fingers were, like, fucking folded under themselves or something. I can’t really remember, except to say that it was bad.… Continue reading day 13