lunch water, breathing easy

Mary and her glass chamber. Biking with Ungerer. My favorite pulmonologist: Dr. Ungerer. I saw Dr. Ungerer earlier in the day. He’s still rad. After putting me through his typical battery of breathing exams, we discussed some lingering affects I may experience from last year’s lung trauma. Of specific concern was prolonged muscle weakness, as… Continue reading lunch water, breathing easy

party at Cottage

I just got my bill from Cottage Hospital. Pneumonia isn’t cheap. Well, it isn’t cheap if your jackass physician tells you it’s the flu so you sit at home while the infection bones your lungs hard. If you do that before you go to the hospital it costs about $450,000. This bill from Cottage Hospital… Continue reading party at Cottage

thanks, everyone

I need to thank everyone who participated in my care at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital, visited me, called or had me in their thoughts while I was not doing so well. This is a whole bunch of people. Without the dedication of the doctors in charge of my treatment, the personal interest every nurse and… Continue reading thanks, everyone