rad fins

I got my new fins this week. They’re rad. So, I took them to the Coral Casino’s pool for a little test drive. 50 meters underwater is no thing for these fins. Easiest underwater lengths I’ve done. What I ended up getting was C4 81 VGRs. The Italians were in no rush to ship them.… Continue reading rad fins


Because someone told me Tijiguas “has the best visibility in town”, I dove there yesterday. And while that same person purported visibility like “35 feet” at times, it looked like everywhere else in town yesterday. Maybe like 2 feet better visibility. That translates to 3 feet total. I dove at depths between 20 and 30… Continue reading Tijiguas

again, this author is rad

Unraveling the Mammalian Diving Reflex, Part IDeeperBlue.net – September 3, 2002Unraveling the Mammalian Diving Reflex, Part IIDeeperBlue.net – September 26, 2002 “When freedivers dive deep they activate a set of physiological reflexes that act as the first line of defense against hypoxia. Collectively termed either the diving response or mammalian diving reflex (MDR), the mechanism… Continue reading again, this author is rad

pulmonary barotraumas

The Risks of AscentDeeperBlue.net – December 2, 2002 “For an equivalent change in depth the risk of barotrauma is greatest near the surface, a fact explained by Boyle’s law. A breath-holding free diver rising from 33 feet to the surface experiences a change in ambient pressure from two to one atmospheres. If the lungs fully… Continue reading pulmonary barotraumas

a little somin’ somin’ to get me psyched

Blue Water HuntersnokaoiMagazine.com – June 7, 2008“I watch him descend headfirst into the blue, his long black fins gently waving, graceful as an ulua. His body drops straight down, impossibly deep. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a tank. I start counting, 1, 2, 3, 4… I get to 60 and stop counting. He’s still… Continue reading a little somin’ somin’ to get me psyched

shallow water blackout kills

Broomfield pool drowning victim was training to become Navy SEALBroomfield News – May 31, 2008 “(Drew) had just passed an initial SEALs triathlon assessment a couple of days earlier, and was most likely practicing a 50-meter underwater swim while holding his breath…” crankenstein.com