aqua flail caught on tape

Enthralled as I am by YouTube’s deluge of GoPro videos of wankers biking/sledding/water-sliding/eating, I swore I would not participate. That said, here’s a video of me flailing on a SUP:

Don’t leave with that visual in your head. Watch a real man at work (eg. not me):

Monster Energy Ryan Hipwood ‘The Right’

today is my fifth mensiversary

Yup, mensiversary. Which means two things happend today: I celebrated my fifth month out of the hospital and I learned what a 1-month “anniversary” is called. Technically, I’m supposed to review the past 30 days and take stock of rad things I’ve done. And I’ve been busy so I thought, for my first recognition of the pneumonia mensiversary, I would by new freediving fins. Had I realized how expensive sweet freediving fins can be I might have considered treating myself to dinner or buying 12 pairs of climbing shoes instead. But never mind that; you can’t put a price on happiness. My C4 Falcon 80’s will be here in a week. And yes, they’re carbon fiber. Rad.

rad quote

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.
– Olympic creed, by Pierre de Coubertin

truly exxxtreme

Instead of climbing at Mr. Lee’s this weekend, where I should have been, I went dumbassing with Micah and Elhanan at Seven Falls. It rained in town. A lot. So, obviously, we hiked/climbed through Seven Falls in wetsuits. Seriously.

Micah vs. 7 Falls
total jackassery
Elhanan vs. 7 Falls
mono vs. 7 Falls
Were you pulling down mono’s in a wetsuit at Seven Falls yesterday? Cuz I was. And I didn’t see you there.
Micah vs. water
That’s not just a photo of a deluge of water. That’s a photo of Micah in a deluge of water.