I spent the Memorial Day weekend at Joshua Tree. It was good. The weather was unseasonably cool, making conditions unusually comfortable. It’s been like 12 years since I was in the park. The group was a bunch of trad climbers… and me. I don’t trad climb. Ever. I think it’s stupid. But whatever, I gave… Continue reading J-Trizzle

opinion on Pistorius

‘Blade Runner’ ruling subverts nature of sport msnbc.com – May 22, 2008 “What if further study does show that Pistorius can run faster because his artificial Cheetah blades work better than legs? Should he or others be kept out of competitions involving able-bodied persons?” crankenstein.com

Katie Brown. rad.

Katie Brown’s rock talkyourclimbing.com – May 22, 2008“The clouds rolled in late in the day, and we headed back to town where we sat in a local bar watching, what else, a Spurs basketball game, sampling various cocktails, and munching on sweet potato fries.” crankenstein.com

rad freediving school

Vertical Blue Brings in the MastersDeeperBlue.net – May 21, 2008 “Vertical Blue, a freediving school based in the Bahamas run by freediving world record holder William Trubridge, has teamed up with world-renowned yoga instructor Simon Borg-Oliver and mental coach Tim Carroll to offer a ‘Master Class for Freediving’.” crankenstein.com