I’m back on the classic flat/close-grip/incline bench press routine. Two main sets of each Mondays, shoulders Tuesday and light bench Thursdays. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks with amazing results. My strength is coming back fast. Today I put up 155 for a set of 10 on flat bench, 135 for 12 close-grip… Continue reading stronger

eight is great

Something about Saturday made redpoints unrealistic. The weather was unusually cold, maybe 60 degrees, which ordinarily would make for a good day. A good day anywhere but at the Tor. You see, we are not the only ones with excuses. The Tor itself will throw down an excuse card once in a while. So, despite… Continue reading eight is great

same route, different me

I’m feeling better all the time. However, the Tor doesn’t care. Here’s a classic: I’m feeling pretty good all week, good shedding on Wednesday, campused for the first time in a long time, warmed up strong on Power, and thought ‘I’m feeling so rad, I’ll crank Chips then, since I’ll probably feel so remarkably mega-strong,… Continue reading same route, different me

Ojai X-treme

Marcela took me climbing Sunday in Ojai. My first trad climb in probably forever, The Tree Route (5.6) on the Black Wall, offered a revealing glimpse in to the realm of traditional climbing. Marcela would like me to give this trad thing a chance. I’m trying. And that’s all I’m going to say. This creek… Continue reading Ojai X-treme

all Tor, all day

Last weekend, my first trip back to Santa Maria since the hospital, we went to Mr. Lee’s before Owl Tor. This time, we went straight to the Tor. Excellent idea. The Tor is way more rad in my opinion and its routes are not forgiving to tired climbers. The Power of Eating (5.11d), once my… Continue reading all Tor, all day

Naples Beach

I walked down to Naples Beach, Goleta today to check it out for spearfishing. From the cliff I saw about 20 seals lounging around with their pups. These suckers were skittish, checking me out the whole time from the beach and water, so I didn’t get any closer. They look like Twinkies with eyes.

party at Cottage

I just got my bill from Cottage Hospital. Pneumonia isn’t cheap. Well, it isn’t cheap if your jackass physician tells you it’s the flu so you sit at home while the infection bones your lungs hard. If you do that before you go to the hospital it costs about $450,000. This bill from Cottage Hospital… Continue reading party at Cottage