damn it

Shoulder felt a little tight yesterday. I did the same workout as last week but this time my friggin right shoulder was getting a little uncomfortable after two flat-bench press sets. Whatever – I finished the workout and I’ll probably go extra light for a couple weeks to be safe. In other news, I tried… Continue reading damn it

back in the game

My shoulder finally feels strong enough to get back in to heavy benching. I went through a full routine yesterday, one typical of the first session of a 12-week cycle, to feel how everything holds up. And stuff feels good. As usual, lifts on this first day are done with a manageable weight (~70% max.),… Continue reading back in the game

shoulder feels tight

While close-grip benching yesterday I could feel tightness in my right shoulder. Just noticeable enough to make me think it is not yet time to start heavy benching again. During dips there was the same tightness near the bottom of the movement. Feels OK today though. Stretching has helped. For the past few weeks I’ve… Continue reading shoulder feels tight

shoulder feeling better, or at least not worse

Yesterday I climbed at GVAC for about an hour then lifted arms. Felt good then and now, the next day. No shoulder issues. All the stretching I’ve done seems to have made me generally more flexible. A friend even mentioned to me last week that I’m “pretty flexible for a big guy”. Which was surprising… Continue reading shoulder feeling better, or at least not worse

arm workouts are good

So, I can’t bench. But I can lift arms. Last night I did close-grip bench, lying barbell triceps extensions to my head, triceps cable push-downs and biceps barbell curls. I was particularly interested in how close-grip bench would affect my newly acquired shoulder injury. According to what I understand about my shoulder, that anterior and… Continue reading arm workouts are good

Wednesday, week 3

So, I thought I would get in to GVAC (Goleta Valley Athletic Club) last Wednesday, do some light bench then go climbing. Bad idea. I stretched my shoulder for about 20 minutes, did some overhead squats on the Smith Machine with no weight then got on the flat bench. At this point my shoulder felt… Continue reading Wednesday, week 3