I’m back on the classic flat/close-grip/incline bench press routine. Two main sets of each Mondays, shoulders Tuesday and light bench Thursdays. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks with amazing results. My strength is coming back fast. Today I put up 155 for a set of 10 on flat bench, 135 for 12 close-grip and 115 for 2 sets of 12 on incline. There were some other sets in there but those are the noteworthy ones. Training is an intuitive thing for me now so I mostly put on what I feel like. My weight is 166 today with 9% fat. All exercises are stronger: dips, skull-crushers, pull-ups, curls… This pace of improvement can’t continue forever. If it does I will certainly be a strong dude. Also, I’ve been taking SuperPump 250 before workouts, Purple Wrath during, and Green Magnitude towards the end/after. They make a difference. Either I will get stronger or my heart will explode.

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