train bad 1 day and feel bad for 1 week

Few things get me more down than a bad training session. And I’m actually pretty fair about it. I won’t chastise myself for not achieving some arbitrary, daily training goal. Bad days happen – that’s to be expected. I understand I can’t crank out personal bests every day. What really sends me over the edge… Continue reading train bad 1 day and feel bad for 1 week

send me on my way

I’m deep in a winter training routine. The weather has me confined to indoor locales like the Shed and occasionally the climbing gym in Ventura. I love it. Holing up in the basement to grow lobster arms while the crags soak is definitely my thing. I’ve taken this opportunity to campus a bunch and I’m… Continue reading send me on my way

campusing is rad

I’m going to start keeping track of my campusing stuff. The woodie at the Shed just isn’t doing it for me anymore – I only want to campus. Which should be rad. If I only campus and get on routes all winter, spring will find me ferociously strong or horribly injured. Speaking of which, I… Continue reading campusing is rad

lifting doesn’t feel so good anymore

Now that I’m lifting weights once a week and swimming almost daily my joints don’t feel super good after a session with the weights. For instance, I’m sore today. I lifted last night with Marcela at the Shed. She has great form on the bench, by the way. But the once a week thing is… Continue reading lifting doesn’t feel so good anymore

first wood

Campused this morning with Andy. He did 5-1-5 on the bigs. I didn’t do much except kinda high-volume 2-finger hangs. Energy was pretty low. Because of an approaching appointment with the pulmonologist and this generally feeling like a flat session I went fast through my routine, not resting much, not trying epic hard stuff, instead… Continue reading first wood

first wood

Andy, Justin, Marcela and I campused early this morning at the Shed. Andy was real close to 5-1-5 on the bigs. My elbows felt a little fragile so I passed on drops, opting instead for up moves and two-finger work. 1-3-6 went down on the bigs, felt kinda hard on the flat/rounds and I did… Continue reading first wood

no Tor for me

I didn’t make it to the Tor this weekend. And I’m actually OK with that. Ordinarily, when someone bails on me for the Tor I’ll pump hate at them for a couple weeks but this time I felt the break was good. Rather than punish myself in Santa Maria, I slept a bunch, swam a… Continue reading no Tor for me