making wine does not make for good climbing

These photos are from a week ago. I was just too lazy to write about it last week. Elhanan and I “helped” Justin drink some of the grape juice he’s making in to wine before heading over to Owl Tor. Hopefully when this stuff is finished it will taste better than it does now. 6… Continue reading making wine does not make for good climbing

first water

My legs have been cramping kinda bad lately. This happens in the pool during kick sets. Anyway, it’s odd.da numbers: 400m easy free 4 x 100m free @ 2:00 coming in between 1:35-1:40, pretty slow 200m pull w/ paddles 100m fly kick 200m fly drill 300m fly kick total distance: 1600m

SD is rad

I love San Diego. However, I hate traveling. I’m a creature of habit and I guard my routine ferociously. Leaving town for the weekend is a disruption I can barely tolerate. But it had to be done; a wedding had to be attended and the Grandparents had to be visited. Elhanan and I swam with… Continue reading SD is rad