send me on my way

I’m deep in a winter training routine. The weather has me confined to indoor locales like the Shed and occasionally the climbing gym in Ventura. I love it. Holing up in the basement to grow lobster arms while the crags soak is definitely my thing. I’ve taken this opportunity to campus a bunch and I’m… Continue reading send me on my way

I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice.

I’m making a list of rad things. There’ll be a couple things on there I’ve personally wanted to do for quite some time, like climb a 5.14 and do a one-arm/one-finger pull-up, but mostly this is designed to be a compilation of rad things I think any self-respecting, inbred group of angry climbers would want… Continue reading I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice.

an immutable tenet

You will never be powerful enough. It’s hard to develop a tenet, let alone an immutable one. I mean, how do you know something you propose as infallible will never be challenged? Easy: think like a sociopath. Stick to your conviction with the ferocity of a religious fundamentalist – no one’s going to tell you… Continue reading an immutable tenet

get psyched on Bishop

In an effort to get some people to go to Bishop with me, I want to direct your attention to this: Mirando from Jon McCartie on Vimeo. Which reminds me, this dude’s blog is rad:

last water, IM progress

This evening’s pool session felt alright. Of note was the 4 x 100 of IM strokes I did, which started with my first 100m of fly in long course. Well, 2-kick fly, but that’s still progress. What by all indications should have been a flat swimming day turned in to a good workout. Just getting… Continue reading last water, IM progress

if rad routes were a minute, the Tor would be an hour

Today’s post title is courtesy of Brian Spiering. Inspired by The Temptations’ The Way You Do the Things You Do, Brian’s instinct to connect a powerfully emotional song with a collection of routes typifies the Owl Tor pathology – which I’m positive will lend it self to a rad conjunction (ex. path-Owl-ogy). I’ve not had… Continue reading if rad routes were a minute, the Tor would be an hour