lunch water, keeps going and going…

I swam 3000m today, my longest routine in recent memory. It took less than 1.5 hours, which is kinda good, I think. And it went surprisingly smooth – no problems until after 2500m when everything started to cramp. This maybe is not a distance I can maintain every day. My typical 2000m in 1 hour… Continue reading lunch water, keeps going and going…

last water, back in the high life again

Today is my first day back in the pool for a couple weeks, and a few weeks since I’ve noted a swim routine here. Things weren’t going so well with my back for a while there. This nervous condition, I guess, was sending sharp pains down the back of my left leg and I believe… Continue reading last water, back in the high life again

last water, IM progress

This evening’s pool session felt alright. Of note was the 4 x 100 of IM strokes I did, which started with my first 100m of fly in long course. Well, 2-kick fly, but that’s still progress. What by all indications should have been a flat swimming day turned in to a good workout. Just getting… Continue reading last water, IM progress

last water, kick or treat

Lots of kicking last night. After a quick 1000m of freestyle, zipperswitch, zipperswitch with fly kick, and butterfly, I kicked for 500m. That’s probably more kicking than I’ve done for quite some time. It felt good, and kept feeling better the longer I went. Note to self: do more kick work. By about 200m my… Continue reading last water, kick or treat

last water, better every time

Wednesday night’s pool session felt good. And it’s about time. I wasn’t too psyched on swimming for a couple months there. What with winter weather and reduced sunlight hours, I was contemplating leaving the water indefinitely. But after a few positive sessions I’m glad I stuck it out. Wednesday’s focus was on freestyle, stretching out… Continue reading last water, better every time