last water, better every time

Wednesday night’s pool session felt good. And it’s about time. I wasn’t too psyched on swimming for a couple months there. What with winter weather and reduced sunlight hours, I was contemplating leaving the water indefinitely. But after a few positive sessions I’m glad I stuck it out. Wednesday’s focus was on freestyle, stretching out my stroke, finding a balance in the water where I can pause after the catch while not feeling as if I’m fighting to keep high in the water for a breath. The result was a strong 6 x 100m freestyle set with splits around 1:40. That’s not bad considering freestyle has not been a focus lately. And to keep the intensity down with the pace up is a clear improvement over last week’s iteration of this same set. Another benefit to smooth, focused technique is to relax me. When the pool feels comfortable I stay in longer and look forward to the next workout. If you’re going to perform a sport a few times a week for 20 years, I believe you need to find something enjoyable in it’s execution.

da numbers:

  • 400m easy free/drills
  • 6 x 100m free @ 2:30
    • times: ~1:40
  • 50m fly
  • 50m easy free
  • 300m kick

total distance: 1400m

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