back in the game

My shoulder finally feels strong enough to get back in to heavy benching. I went through a full routine yesterday, one typical of the first session of a 12-week cycle, to feel how everything holds up. And stuff feels good. As usual, lifts on this first day are done with a manageable weight (~70% max.), with the focus on developing an explosive concentric movement.

9/14/2007 – chest routine at GVAC
flat bench press 2 x 10-12 @ 205 lbs
close-grip bench press 2 x 10 @ 180 lbs
incline bench press 2 x 10 @ 160 lbs

My bench press still sucks but that’s not new. All this time off has swung my focus back to climbing though. I’m not sure now if I will persue big numbers on the bench this season. Climbing comes to me much more easily so, although I’ve found an effective method for developing strength in my lifts, the argument can be made that I’m wasting my time in the weight room. But wasting time is my specialty…

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