Tuesday morning on the rowing machine

Tuesday, May 20, 2008Felt OK. I put shoes on after my warm-up because the foot straps were killing me. Too bad – almost anything that’s done bare foot is rad. My lower back got a little sore halfway through but loosened up and felt good. date: 5/20/2008 start: 7:45 AM duration: 10:43 highest HR: 168… Continue reading Tuesday morning on the rowing machine

still weak

Climbed yesterday at the shed – it felt hard. I have not gotten stronger and the shed has not gotten easier. Although, my shoulder felt good.

shoulder pain

Last night was my third consecutive day climbing. So, to take it easy I went to the shed, which is most definately not easy. Probably the shed is the worst place in the world to climb on my third day in a row. Its steep and mean. Everything shut me down. The skin on my… Continue reading shoulder pain