no Tor for me

I didn’t make it to the Tor this weekend. And I’m actually OK with that. Ordinarily, when someone bails on me for the Tor I’ll pump hate at them for a couple weeks but this time I felt the break was good. Rather than punish myself in Santa Maria, I slept a bunch, swam a bunch and went to the Shed. My climbing for the weekend was laps at the Shed with Micah and Elhanan. For the first time in years I played add-on, which resulted in Micah and me working out a mega-rad problem that could help to alleviate my bouldering directed boredom. Note to self: add-on is as fun as the people you add-on with. For example, Bob would not be fun to add-on with. For years I thought the problem was with the game itself. Not so.


  1. you are 100% correct in that it would definitely not be fun to play add-on with me, because, as phil and i have agreed on numerous times over the years:add-on is gay.

  2. While I do recognize you and Phil as authorities on all things gay, I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on this point. I feel your opinion here stems from disappointment at having never had someone to play add-on with. And you have fat pants.

  3. I say we let the problem speak the final word. It’s good (and a little crimpy I might add, which makes it a near miracle that Elijah likes it). Add-on may be gay, but it can produce awesome things. Sort of like those gay gymnasts that pull shit on the rings that us weakass losers can only dream about….

  4. Yes! Six comments and counting on a crankenstein post. And its about the one day we didn’t go to the tor!The tor is gonna be REAL pissed next week. I’m betting on snakes, lots of snakes. And redpoints? Yeah right.

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