day 6 on Atreyu – that’s right, 6

Owl Tor was visited Saturday by Phil, Andy, Skip, Andree, and me. Having dominated Power of Eating (5.11d) a couple weeks ago, Andree applied her attention to Auto Magic (5.12a) for her first day of legitimate redpoint burns on this new project. Perhaps though, “project” is not the right term. That would presume she spends… Continue reading day 6 on Atreyu – that’s right, 6

campusing is rad

I’m going to start keeping track of my campusing stuff. The woodie at the Shed just isn’t doing it for me anymore – I only want to campus. Which should be rad. If I only campus and get on routes all winter, spring will find me ferociously strong or horribly injured. Speaking of which, I… Continue reading campusing is rad

last water, still strugglin’

I’m strugglin’ to get pool sessions over with lately. The motivation is has left me, presumably because it’s winter and that’s how it goes for swimmers during the dark months. Anywayz, did some freestyle last night. da numbers: 300m easy free/drills 6 x 100m @ 2:30 coming in around 1:40 100m free w/ paddles 200m… Continue reading last water, still strugglin’

from climbing hell to heaven

Friday had me traveling from my mom’s place in Washington to Joshua Tree for some winter radness. Climbing in the cold is rad. And cold it was – thirties and forties during the day. Sunny though, and little wind, so a well-insulated belayer can pull on crisp crystals and hopefully achieve some progress on otherwise… Continue reading from climbing hell to heaven