SD is rad

I love San Diego. However, I hate traveling. I’m a creature of habit and I guard my routine ferociously. Leaving town for the weekend is a disruption I can barely tolerate. But it had to be done; a wedding had to be attended and the Grandparents had to be visited.

Elhanan and I swam with the fishes at La Jolla Cove Saturday. It was alright, kinda cold for my liking. Actually, it was way frickin’ cold and reminded me again that this, arguably California’s best dive spot, is still no Hawaii.
Then we went to Solid Rock Gym. This was more rad than the Cove. Getting on gym routes felt good. Although, I need to be cranking these down more quickly and at higher levels. It’s about time I start dispatching 5.12’s first and second go, not projecting them.
Next stop was Glendale for dinner with the G-units. Their property is rad, got tons of good photos here.

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