first wood

Campus board, I think I love you. I wasn’t even “campusing” today. That would mean I was doing moves, at least bumping between rungs. Nope, I was just hanging from the rungs. That’s how much I love campus boards. And like most things campusing is most fun in the morning. If you ask me, “dude, what is it you like so much about campusing?” I’d have to make something up. It’s intangible. I can’t express with words what it is I love so much about campusing. Sure, it’s a power oriented thing so that would predispose me to loving it but it’s really simple and, to an observer, maybe not that interesting. Perhaps here in lies the key. Let’s review what Elijah likes: the bench press, swimming, Predator. There is a trend. Simple things. Simple at first observation. Simple until one contemplates what separates a good bencher or campuser from another. Because the movement is, on the surface, so seemingly basic it is not obvious all the subtle techniques employed to produce a maximum application of power. Only after scrutinous study does the practitioner appreciate how much concentration must go in to each attempt to elicit a gain. And just before you go mad with the thought, once your chosen event, be it benching or campusing or whatever, has all but drained you with the thought of it, do you realize your next gain can only come with a clear mind. You must clear your mind of all the analysis, rely on the training that brought you to this point and just go. And then your in love.

I was doing hangs this morning at the Shed cuz my stupid elbow is still tweaked. Feels better though. A couple more weeks of this, midweek hangs without moves, saving myself for Saturday laps at the Tor, and my shoulder should be happy.

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