swimming is good stuff

I swam this morning. Loved it. Something about being in the water is rad. At the risk of sounding unmanly I feel I should have been born an otter or something. Something that swims around a lot like maybe a seal. Anyways, getting in and cranking out some laps felt really natural, like it hasn’t been 10 years since I’ve done that. On the fitness end, however, things did not feel so smooth. One lap is about my limit. I did a 4 x 50 that killed me. Impressive, I know. This was at the UCSB pool. There’s tons of space, like 12 long course lanes and 12 short course, with not a lot of people. The folks who show up at 6:30 AM are not sucky swimmers though. Unlike myself. There is no doubt I am leagues suckier than them which only adds to my frustration. In summary, swimming is great, I love it, I plan to do much more of it, probably incorporate it in to my training regimen, but I suck at it right now.

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