and then there was one

Thanks to Phil’s shoulder surgery last Friday I’m left scrounging for belays at the Tor. Which would have ruined my week had Micah not manned up for the occasion. So, it was me and the vegeta-bro keeping the funk alive at Santa Maria on Saturday. Things were good. The weather was a touch warm for my liking, 90-ish degrees, but not as oppressive as some days. We got on a bunch of routes, six different ones, eight total. My elbow’s not too happy about that which has me wondering if maybe I should skip training this week. Probably I won’t. Sounds like Micah enjoyed it too. Some of these routes he hadn’t been on before and was pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned, Phil is on the injured list for a while. He had arthroscopic surgery to repair a few problems, most of which were operable without a more invasive procedure. And Phil’s prognosis is good despite his surgeon’s insistence that this is one truly gnarly looking joint. Four to six weeks of recovery for many years’ worth of enjoyment. I’ll keep the ticks warm for you, broheim.

Saturday’s shopping list:

  • Power of Eating (5.11d) – redpoint
  • When the Sea Doesn’t Want You (5.12a) – redpoint
  • No Skill (5.12c) – 1 fall
    • I took at the last clip, the jugs on Chips. Totally spent.
  • Hell of the Upside Down Sinners (5.12b) – 1 fell
    • Got to the ledge, tried to recover. Wasn’t happening.
  • Anchor Punch (5.12a) – redpoint
    • This is the first time I redpointed this route and on my fifth lap of the day this represents better than usual fitness for me, I think.
  • Auto Magic (5.12a) – 1 fell
    • Pathetic. I clipped the last draw and took. Totally spent.
  • Power of Eating – redpoint
  • Power of Eating – 1 fall
    • Grabbed the chains. Pathetic.

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