last water, still strugglin’

I’m strugglin’ to get pool sessions over with lately. The motivation is has left me, presumably because it’s winter and that’s how it goes for swimmers during the dark months. Anywayz, did some freestyle last night. da numbers: 300m easy free/drills 6 x 100m @ 2:30 coming in around 1:40 100m free w/ paddles 200m… Continue reading last water, still strugglin’

first water, better butterfly

I’m not doing much freestyle this week. Instead, I’m focused on bettering my butterfly stroke. Butterfly is rad, obviously, so I’ve been pretty psyched on morning pool sessions the past few days. On the other hand, putting in a full-distance workout without much freestyle is not super easy, nor is it super fast. It took… Continue reading first water, better butterfly

first water, something different

I did a bunch of different strokes and drills today, and not much freestyle. In recent days I’ve caught myself dreading the freestyle sets I’ve been putting myself through lately. So, I worked on the other strokes, mostly butterfly, and did some stroke drills like zipperswitch and one-arm fly. Not a lot in terms of… Continue reading first water, something different

first water, over easy

I really wasn’t feeling the Eye of the Tiger this morning. So, what started out as a 1000m swim turned in to 3 x 200m freestyle then just turned in to random IM stuff, mostly butterfly. It’s cool though – I’d rather stay psyched than keep beating my head against the wall with distance freestyle.da… Continue reading first water, over easy