first water, over easy

I really wasn’t feeling the Eye of the Tiger this morning. So, what started out as a 1000m swim turned in to 3 x 200m freestyle then just turned in to random IM stuff, mostly butterfly. It’s cool though – I’d rather stay psyched than keep beating my head against the wall with distance freestyle.
da numbers:

  • 150m easy free
  • 3 x 200m free @ 5:00
    • ordinarily, I would do 200’s @ 4:00 – this is pretty slow
    • coming in between 3:20 – 3:25
  • 50m easy free
  • 100m zipperswitch drill
  • 200m fly drill
  • 200m 1/2 length fly
  • 100m catch-up drill

total distance: 1400m

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