last water, still strugglin’

I’m strugglin’ to get pool sessions over with lately. The motivation is has left me, presumably because it’s winter and that’s how it goes for swimmers during the dark months. Anywayz, did some freestyle last night.

da numbers:

  • 300m easy free/drills
  • 6 x 100m @ 2:30
    • coming in around 1:40
  • 100m free w/ paddles
  • 200m kick

total distance: 1200m

last water, motivation issues

Bridget met me at the Los Banos pool last night for some hyper-unmotivating sets. I don’t know what my problem is lately. Winter just sucks away my motivation for swimming. Evening sessions are hard, and forget about early morning routines. Anywayz, I did 1000m of drills and IM stuff then got cold and left.

first water, cold

It was cold this morning. Once in the water, things are fine. It’s the walk to and from the pool that really suck. And I ran in to a nurse that took care of me when I was sick – Cyndi. Most memories from that time are not super clear but the more she talked the more I remembered. She’s always happy and smiling it seems, and I remember how good that was to have around me when I was sick. After talking to her, I did some good butterfly lengths – her influence, I know it.

last water

The Los Banos pool was cold last night. Actually, the pool felt OK – the walk to and from the pool was friggin’ frigid. Last week kept me out of the water because of this stupid cold, so last night’s evening session was my first in a while. I did a bunch of different things for a total of 1200m – OK considering my condition and the variety of strokes and drills. About normal, actually. Butterfly feels better than ever.

first water, I believe I can fly

I did a length of butterfly today, my first 50m long course of fly ever. It was rad and tiring at the same time. What else was rad was doing fly with 2 kicks after the catch, which helps kind of a lot cuz straight butterflying for 50m is way tiring. Other than that, I went through a bunch of the usual drills, zipperswitch with flutter and fly kick, some kicking, back and breaststroke, and some easy freestyle. Total distance: 1300m.

first water, better butterfly

I’m not doing much freestyle this week. Instead, I’m focused on bettering my butterfly stroke. Butterfly is rad, obviously, so I’ve been pretty psyched on morning pool sessions the past few days. On the other hand, putting in a full-distance workout without much freestyle is not super easy, nor is it super fast. It took me about an hour to log 1500m this morning. No worries – I’m psyched I don’t have to swim free ’til I puke. Those other strokes are getting done too, back and breastroke, or whatever. And lots of drills, especially zipperswitch w/ flutter and fly kick.

da numbers:

  • I don’t even know, lots of different stuff

total distance: 1500m

first water, something different

I did a bunch of different strokes and drills today, and not much freestyle. In recent days I’ve caught myself dreading the freestyle sets I’ve been putting myself through lately. So, I worked on the other strokes, mostly butterfly, and did some stroke drills like zipperswitch and one-arm fly. Not a lot in terms of contiguous sets here, few turns, and maybe 200m of freestyle in all. But it all added up to 1100m. And it was fun instead of grueling, for whatever that’s worth.

first water, over easy

I really wasn’t feeling the Eye of the Tiger this morning. So, what started out as a 1000m swim turned in to 3 x 200m freestyle then just turned in to random IM stuff, mostly butterfly. It’s cool though – I’d rather stay psyched than keep beating my head against the wall with distance freestyle.
da numbers:

  • 150m easy free
  • 3 x 200m free @ 5:00
    • ordinarily, I would do 200’s @ 4:00 – this is pretty slow
    • coming in between 3:20 – 3:25
  • 50m easy free
  • 100m zipperswitch drill
  • 200m fly drill
  • 200m 1/2 length fly
  • 100m catch-up drill

total distance: 1400m

first water, IM

I thought I would mix things up by taking a break from freestyle to work on the other strokes, especially butterfly. It was rad.

da numbers:

  • 100m easy free
  • 200m fly stroke drills
  • 200m backstroke
  • 200m 1/2 length fly then free
  • 100m breaststroke
  • 100m kick

total distance: 900m