because more difficult is more awesome

Keeping with this theme I’m trying out a new method of video delivery – an inappropriately complex and compulsively robust technique that’s fully rad. Behold:


file: “rtmp://”,
width: “720”,
height: “480”

me on Better Than Life 8a+, Owl Tor, Santa Maria, California


  1. For the public record:

    1. crankenstein
    A cadaver that has an unusually large penis.

    Dude, I had to work on crankenstein for my EMT training.

    2. crankenstein
    someone who has smoked so much crank in his life that he looks like frankenstein only with crank pipes coming out of his neck and not bolts

    Crankenstein smoked a few 8 balls from his neck then took apart a car and put it all back together last night.

    3. Crankenstein
    Someone who is especially cranky.

    My husband is a Crankenstein in the morning.

    Source – Urban Dictionary (retrieved on 04/11/12)

    1. Huh. The first entry is a new one.
      Urban Dictionary is not so much on my Christmas list any more because they rejected my submission for ‘crankmuffin’.

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