I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice.

I’m making a list of rad things. There’ll be a couple things on there I’ve personally wanted to do for quite some time, like climb a 5.14 and do a one-arm/one-finger pull-up, but mostly this is designed to be a compilation of rad things I think any self-respecting, inbred group of angry climbers would want on their cumulative résumé. And please, this is open to suggestion – suggest a feat of radness and I will try to convince someone to do it. This is going to expand to eating challenges, I know it.


The stuff:

  1. climb a 5.14
  2. boulder V12
  3. one-arm/one-finger pull-up
  4. one-arm front lever
  5. mono-campus
  6. one-arm campus
  7. campus 1-5-9
  8. campus 6-1 doubles
  9. one-arm handstand
  10. dry-hump a badger


* The fine print:

  • Video and/or photographic documentation is pretty important here, because:
  • The performer of said feat should not have had prior success. (There’s nothing interesting about watching someone who’s really good at pinky-pullups doing pinky-pullups. We’re making people better here, not handing out cookies for doing what you’re supposed to. There should be a struggle, an ascension to impressiveness. And there will be no cookies.)
  • I don’t care what the feat, puking disqualifies you. (This does not rule out the possibility of a puking compilation video at the end of the year.)
  • There is not "extra credit". Other than mention in a brief side note, there is no special value attributed to feats which incorporate extraneous events, such as a hospital visit or milk.


  1. Obviously slacklines are stupid. But I’m not convinced there isn’t something rad that could be done on a slackline. This hypothetical slackline feat will have to be way difficult and way dangerous though, making any one interested in its execution way committed. Only then could I see adding a slackline item to this list. To answer your question: no.

  2. I really hope MrK is Dr. K but I’m afraid to look. That guy is Man on Wire was pretty rad, I must say. And I’m no dijereedoo playin’ slackliner. Since I’ll never do anything on this list (except #10 every Tuesday) I’m going to suggest something endurance oriented for the list. Maybe read an entire Rumi book whilst on a slackline while smoking a pound of weed. Yeah, bro.

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