get psyched on Bishop

In an effort to get some people to go to Bishop with me, I want to direct your attention to this:
Mirando from Jon McCartie on Vimeo.

Which reminds me, this dude’s blog is rad:


  1. Hey Elijah. Drew (old coworker) here. I just checked out your blog and I enjoy the videos and your sense of humor. I used to climb back in high school when I worked at REI and had Handley Rock to climb all over but I let my body down over the past few years most recently as a result of my son being born. I’m now back on the healthy side of things and am going to try climbing again. Where is a good place to start with easy stuff around here? (SB)

  2. Lizard’s Mouth is a must-go bouldering spot for locals. It’s super close and fairly rad. It’s on top of the pass on the 154 highway, a couple miles down West Camino Cielo. A good friend of mine, Bob Banks, wrote the guide book: Ocean’s Eleven. Pick that up at Mountain Air Sports or google for the directions (they’ll give better directions than I can) and plan for a 20 minute drive and 2 minute approach from your house. Your son and wife will probably love it too because of the great views and generally pleasant environment up there. Good to hear from you and good luck. Let me know how it goes.- elijah

  3. hey elijah..this is Sal from LA..Marcela’s friend..the Turkish guy…i have been so physced for bouldering these days…just came across your blog when looking for bouldering movies…your log is really cool..or rad :))went to bishop 3 weeks ago…loved it..we planned to go there this weekend but it all depends on the weather..if not this week, we may go next week with some Spanish unreal climbers…the dude was climbing the hardest route at echo when he was talking :))

  4. Mark, I want to get over to Bishop this weekend and/or the weekend after. It’s just going to have to depend on the weather. If it looks like it won’t rain I’ll for sure go. Can you make it? If you’re in town I can drive us, and probably some other folks will be in to it. We’ll talk.

  5. Sal, good to hear from you. I was just at Echo a couple weeks ago and loved it. I want to spend some more days there this winter. I’m adding your email to the Owl Tor distribution list so you’ll know what the Santa Barbara dudes are doing. Let me know when you’re thinking of heading back to Echo or Bishop or wherever – I’d like to climb with you some more. Hopefully Bishop will happen this weekend. What do you think about that?

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