first water, over easy

I really wasn’t feeling the Eye of the Tiger this morning. So, what started out as a 1000m swim turned in to 3 x 200m freestyle then just turned in to random IM stuff, mostly butterfly. It’s cool though – I’d rather stay psyched than keep beating my head against the wall with distance freestyle.da… Continue reading first water, over easy

first water, faster at a price

I repeated last weeks set of 12 x 100m @ 2:00, bettering my split times by about 3 seconds for most of the 100m intervals. And it wasn’t magical. I wasn’t faster because I implemented some new technique. I just pushed harder. And it hurt more. But I suppose if swimming hard felt good everyone… Continue reading first water, faster at a price

rad video of The End of the Affair E8 has this video (and more) of Alex Honnold, Kevin Jorgeson and Matt Segal on The End of the Affair (E8 6c): The End of the Affair from TV on Vimeo. from

first water, subtlety

There’s a subtlety to good technique. Some training sessions are devoted entirely to technique, to developing the form in which you swim, run, lift, or otherwise contest your sport. For points-based sports like gymnastics or diving, I don’t know; but for those scored on indisputable metrics, such as time or distance, there is the concept… Continue reading first water, subtlety