rad fins

I got my new fins this week. They’re rad. So, I took them to the Coral Casino’s pool for a little test drive. 50 meters underwater is no thing for these fins. Easiest underwater lengths I’ve done. What I ended up getting was C4 81 VGRs. The Italians were in no rush to ship them.… Continue reading rad fins

first water, not energetic

I must be spent from the last 2 mornings of swimming. Getting out of bed today was easy and everything was coming together for what I expected would be a great session in the pool. Wrong. Energy was low, my left shoulder hurt, and I just could not get things moving. The previous 2 days’… Continue reading first water, not energetic

first water, 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – puke

This week’s theme is distance. Yesterday, 1000m straight. Today, the dreaded 400/300/200/100 pyramid I “loved” from short course yards. Porting short course workouts over to long course is good, I feel. That is, it’s hard. And hard workouts make for good fitness. Today’s set did not disappoint. It hurt and I’m happy to have finished… Continue reading first water, 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – puke

first water, one big swim

It’s been kind of a lot of years since I swam 1000m straight. It hasn’t gotten easier.da numbers: 1000m free time: ~18:30 Not super fast. This puts my 100m splits at ~1:51 on average. So, that’s not pathetic, but I’d like to get that under 1:45, which puts total time at 17:30. That shouldn’t be… Continue reading first water, one big swim