first water, not energetic

I must be spent from the last 2 mornings of swimming. Getting out of bed today was easy and everything was coming together for what I expected would be a great session in the pool. Wrong. Energy was low, my left shoulder hurt, and I just could not get things moving. The previous 2 days’ swims were kinda intense so this maybe should not come as a complete shock. Today turned in to a focus on fly kick drill, which actually went well.

da numbers

  • 200m easy free
  • 4 x 100m free
    • First 3 were slow, around 1:40-1:45, then I think the last one was just under 1:30. I was surprised, but did feel faster. If true, and I guess it is, the focus during sprints should be purely on maintaining momentum, not stroke mechanics.
  • 3 x 100m pull w/ paddles
    • these were coming in around 1:30
  • 400m fly kick

total distance: 1300m

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