rad fins

I got my new fins this week. They’re rad. So, I took them to the Coral Casino’s pool for a little test drive. 50 meters underwater is no thing for these fins. Easiest underwater lengths I’ve done.
What I ended up getting was C4 81 VGRs. The Italians were in no rush to ship them. It took about 9 weeks, during which time the model I originally ordered was discontinued. But I won’t complain – they’re awesome. I did a fair amount of research before committing to these fins. If you’re in the market, you should peep my notes.
Here’s Bridget making the fins look good:


  1. The fins look rad. Nice gallery on flicker. Next time I’m coming to give them a whirl. Which mono fin should I buy? My main use will be ripping in the pool (of course). And I think I wanna get an air tank too…..

  2. The WaterWay or SpecialFins models are rad, I think. I haven’t tried any of them but it seems most folks buy WaterWay. And SpecialFins looks like they make some gnarly carbon fiber monos.

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