Hard Boiled might not be so bad

There. I said it. Hard Boiled is not the worst route in the world. But don’t get me wrong; it’s no ‘walk in the park’ to redpoint. More than anything, this new perspective of mine is probably a symptom of my revised redpoint mentality in general. Redpointing is more fun for me this season. I’ve slid in to a groove of sorts that has made pushing myself on routes more bearable. I’ve justified the increased intensity this way: Think about whatever you need to think about to keep moving. If you execute everything right; move fast, stay tight in the cruxes, loose in the easy sections, milk rests if you can, and if you can find that sweet spot in rest time where your breathing comes down but your arms don’t tire too much; accurately hit every hold, hands and feet; and basically do everything you visualize in that mental video where you send the thing… then you might have a chance. Everything comes together in a redpoint. You rehearse it, visualize it, get nervous, and send it. To get on hard sport routes, to push your own limit in this genre of climbing, is kinda stressful. Same as any performance, I suppose. There’s tons to remember and I suspect the folks I look up to, the elite sport climbers of my generation, are especially skilled at finding that perfect mental space that allows them to execute near their physical limit, unencumbered by the psychological impedances most of us struggle to break through.
Anywayz, I got on Hard Boiled four times on Saturday. Ideally, I would have redpointed the damn thing but a productive day nevertheless. The redpoint is imminent. I’m almost having a touch of fun with it.
da numbers:

  1. Shores of Hell (5.11b) – redpoint
  2. White Lotus (5.11d) – lots of falls, this route super sucks
  3. Hard Boiled (5.13b) – lowered after an unexpected foot slip reaching to the first undercling
  4. Hard Boiled – fell throwing out to the right-hand crux crimp
  5. Hard Boiled – fell throwing to the crux pinch
  6. Hard Boiled – fell throwing to the crux pinch, got back on under the 1st undercling to fall again throwing to the pinch, got back on at the 3-finger before the crux to finish at the chains
  7. Sea of Love (5.12b) – bolt-to-bolt, my first time on this
  8. Sea of Love – fell in the crux, way tired

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  1. A-fucking-men. Love the analysis. Glad to hear you might be enjoying yourself a little bit. Hating a route makes it super hard to send I think. That’s another thing about all the elite guys. They usually “fall in love” with their projects, or so it seems. And yeah, White Lotus does suck.

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