first water, running a wee bit late

I set my alarm for 6:30, planned on being out the door at 7:15 and in the pool by 7:30. Right. So, I hit snooze until 8:15, got out the door at 8:20 and in the water at 8:35. This gave me 25 minutes to swim whatever I could in 25 minutes. I was so mad at myself I just swam two 400m’s, the first freestyle, the second with paddles. Note to self: get out of be earlier. Dick.
da numbers:

  • 400m free
  • 400m pull w/ paddles
  • 100m fly kick

total distance: 900m
On the plus side, 400m is a good length to make 100m feel not that far. In general, it’s probably good I swim some longer distances –  good for my stroke and walls.

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