first water

I’ve been doing IM sets with 50yd for each stroke. Today I increased that to 100yd. And it was hard. My strokes are coming together though. Butterfly is even kinda working. After the IM sets I did tons of dolphin kick yardage.

da numbers

  • 2 x 100yd free/zipperswitch
  • 100yd fly kick
  • 8 x 100yd alternating IM strokes @ 3:00
    • coming in under 2:00, usually around 1:45
    • Fly was tiring. I cheated a bit and threw in some lengths of kick
    • of note: my second 100yd free was 1:11
  • 400yd fly kick
    • started to feel a better kick
  • 300yd fly kick w/ short fins
    • by this time my legs were hammered
  • 200yd apnea drill w/ short fins

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