first water

As I’m still not over my cold, swimming this week has not been stellar. I took all last week off – no climbing, no swimming, no anything not conducive to recovery. And I can’t take it any more. My symptoms now are confined to my head and sinuses but I can’t stand not training for another week. I won’t do it. Anyways, worked on my stroke a bunch this morning. Counting strokes is harder than one would think.

da numbers:

  • 2 x 100m free/zipperswitch
  • 12 x 50m free @ 1:00
    • coming in around :40
    • This was not fast. I was trying to count strokes here and get that number reduced in an effort to stretch out my stride. As I said, counting is difficult, nearing impossible today. I was around 20 – 25 strokes per length.
  • 4 x 100m free w/ paddles @ 2:00
    • coming in around 1:40
  • 300m dolphin kick w/ short fins
  • 100m apnea drill w/ short fins

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