Saturday again

The Tor, again. Micah, Justin, Hawk, Marcela and I gave the Tor our best on Saturday. And again, it wasn’t good enough. Micah had big plans for The Sea – didn’t happen. Marcela and Hawk had planned on crushing Power – way didn’t happen. I thought I might take down No Skill – ridiculously did not happen. I don’t know what Justin’s plans were but I’m sure he got shut down as well. For the 37 thousandth time this god-forsaken season I fell on that hell-pile 12c variation. And that was after I redpointed Better Than Chips, which is way harder. I don’t understand it. In my defense, things did feel slick. Marcela had one of the gnastiests falls I’ve ever seen when she skated off the first move of The Sea, nailing her back on a rock at the base. So, something was clearly going on here. Add to that the mass Tuesday-thinking delirium we all shared and you have a recipe for disaster at Owl Tor.

da routes:

  • Power of Eating (5.11d) – Redpoint
  • Auto-Magic (5.12a) – Redpoint
  • Better Than Chips (5.12d) – Took at the jugs, lowered.
    • Yeah, I took here cuz I forgot an extra draw. But not before 4 attempts at catching one thrown from the ground. Shredding.
  • Better Than Chips (5.12d) – Redpoint
    • Good. Ran it out a little. Good burn.
  • Power of Eating – Ran up to the third to last draw to get photos of Micah, then lowered.
  • No Skill (5.12c) – Fell right after the jugs, lowered.
  • The Natural (5.12b) – Took at the crux.
    • Here I was trying to work out a new sequence. Gave up. It sucks.

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