first water

Swam some longer sets today, felt like good training.

da numbers:

  • 200m free/zipperswitch
  • 400m free
    • came in at 6:50
  • 50m zipperswitch drill
  • 300m free
    • came in at 5:00
  • 50m zipperswitch drill
  • 200m free
    • came in at 3:15
  • 50m zipperswitch
  • 100m free
    • came in at 1:25
  • 250m short fin kick

These times are not good. But I did want this to be my first bench mark at distances between 200m and 400m. There is clearly some work to be done, but eventually I will want to have 100m splits under 1:00 for 300m, 400m and 500m distances. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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