first water

Morning swim, again. I’ve been focusing on stroke mechanics a lot. If not for my hospital incident I would be more focused on increasing yardage. But I feel now like my limiting factor is my lungs. And they’re just going to take time to heal. In the meantime, maybe as long as a year, it seems appropriate that I emphasize not solely on stamina, for which I’m handicapped, but instead on form, flexibility, speed and strength. And, honestly, I’m not bummed to do stroke drills for the next few months. The way my lungs are now makes any substantial endurance training painful and frustrating. Having been away from serious endurance efforts for as long as I have (years) makes me tend to approach epic swim sessions with less than a vengeance. I’d rather ease in to it anyways. Make it a habit before you make it a passion.

da numbers

  • 200m free
  • 6 x 100m zipperswitch/freestyle @ 3:00, alternating 25’s
    • coming in between 1:55 – 2:05
  • 200m IM
    • came in at 3:55
  • 4 x 50m IM @ 1:30, 50m of each IM stroke
    • coming in between 1:05 – :35
  • 400m short fin kick drills

I’ve been stretching a bunch, today included, before morning swims – seems to help.

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