I spent the Memorial Day weekend at Joshua Tree. It was good. The weather was unseasonably cool, making conditions unusually comfortable. It’s been like 12 years since I was in the park. The group was a bunch of trad climbers… and me. I don’t trad climb. Ever. I think it’s stupid. But whatever, I gave it another chance. And had fun in the sense that walks on the beach are fun. The trip in general was super rad cuz everyone I met was cool and the park is great.
There’s some runout routes at J-Tree. As a friend put it:

“Bachar and Long are assholes.” – Gary

On one hand, it was nice of them to put up these routes. On the other hand, redpointing is way harder when I’m crying. Had my cell phone been with me and had there been reception, which it wasn’t and there isn’t, I probably would have called my mommy in the middle of one 5.9. Three bolts in 50 feet of hell slab is pushing it.

Deb, Marcela, and me trad climbing. That’s right, TRAD climbing.

Reflections on a nugget.

Rad light.

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