Thursday’s shoulder routine

I should have done this on Thursday but actually lifted shoulders on Friday. My behind-the-neck press work sets were 2×10 at 120lbs – felt good. The rest of my routine I switched things up a bit, trying 2 new execercies – front raises with the EZ curl bar and standing shoulder rows. The raises I will probably keep doing, the rows I will probably not. My last 2 excercises I did fairly easy sets of 10 or 12. This entire workout took about 45 minutes, then I went out to the climbing wall for about an hour.

During the last half of my shoulder routine, while doing front raises I believe, the middle of my back cramped up. It was one of those huge cramps right in the meat of my lats and I knew right away it would be with me for some time. That was Friday. Today is Monday and my back is still cramped.

My shoulders feel great lately. Most likely this is due to the 3 weeks I took off. But I need to keep up with my rotator cuff excercises, which I have done only once this past week. I believe concentrating on pulling my shoulder blades together during the bench also helps protect the front of my shoulders.

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