Refugio at dawn

I dove at Refugio this morning, real early. Judging from my current pseudo-comatose state, maybe too early. This is minute 19 since my arrival at work and I feel no amount of coffee can save me now. Ben and I met at 6:30 AM at the Bacara to get in the water by 7:00, aka. sunrise. Haskell’s Beach looked gnarly so we drove to Refugio. And Refugio was pretty good, protected from the swell that came in last night and relatively clear. Diving at dawn was a genius move. It’s real nice out there with the sun coming up and visibility seems best at this hour. We wanted lobster but that didn’t work out. I’m sure they’re down there but they aren’t making it easy.

another day at Refugio

Refugio State Beach is great. Honestly, its probably my favorite beach in town. I dove there Friday with Paul and, despite lousy visiblity, had a great time. For most of the hour we were out I was doing 60 second dives. I felt really comfortable, relaxed and able to stay on the bottom plenty long. Well, I guess its never long enough but it was a long time considering. We had tried to get out to Naples Reef that day but determined at the last minute the access and paddle out looked too gnarly and it was getting late. I’m going to need to think of something better than hiking a mile and paddling a board 1.5 miles just to get to there.

same stuff

Not much new to report. I’ve been climbing four or five times a week at GVAC or Phil’s shed. My shoulder feels fine to climb on. My recent focus has been to get out climbing as much as possible to get used to this volume of training. And I feel stronger. My weight is just below world climbing record level, about 195 lbs. So, in the past two months 10 pounds of me has inexplicably vanished, making climbing about 37 million times easier. This is probably due to the running (I hate running) and skin diving. At the shed, where I feel I get the best climbing strength conditioning, I’ve focused on putting up moderate routes I can send in a day or within the week. And I’ve been climbing by myself mostly, my favorite partner. In general climbing feels good lately – I’m pretty psyched on it.

rad weekend

Saturday I went spearfishing with Hawk at Hendry’s Beach then met Paul and Kip at Skofield Park for some extra rad bouldering. Skofield was frickin great. I put a link to a map of it on the right. And Sunday I climbed for about 30 minutes at the shed.

My new tactic of climbing with dudes I normally don’t climb with at places I normally don’t climb at has been good for me I think. Saturday at Skofield I sent a steep, reachy V6 in about 30 minutes and flashed a slopey, slabby V4. During this past month I have gotten more comfortable on a greater variety of climbs and improved my weakest areas, such as slab technique (why people still climb slabs is baffling) and maybe even a little endurance (maybe).

Today is Monday and my shoulder had not hurt either of last weekend’s two climbing days nor does it bother me today. This injury seems to present pain not during the activities that aggravate it but the following couple days. And bouldering hard does not seem to aggravate it.