shallow water blackout kills

Broomfield pool drowning victim was training to become Navy SEALBroomfield News – May 31, 2008 “(Drew) had just passed an initial SEALs triathlon assessment a couple of days earlier, and was most likely practicing a 50-meter underwater swim while holding his breath…”

rad freediving school

Vertical Blue Brings in the – May 21, 2008 “Vertical Blue, a freediving school based in the Bahamas run by freediving world record holder William Trubridge, has teamed up with world-renowned yoga instructor Simon Borg-Oliver and mental coach Tim Carroll to offer a ‘Master Class for Freediving’.”

new US CWNF record

New U.S. National Freediving – May 21, 2008“The United States Apnea Association (USAA) is pleased to announce that Robert King, a USAA member, set a new men’s national record in the freediving discipline of Constant Weight No Fins to a depth of 53 meters on April 22, 2008, during the Third PFI Cayman Invitational… Continue reading new US CWNF record

Naples Beach

I walked down to Naples Beach, Goleta today to check it out for spearfishing. From the cliff I saw about 20 seals lounging around with their pups. These suckers were skittish, checking me out the whole time from the beach and water, so I didn’t get any closer. They look like Twinkies with eyes.

pneumonia does not help your freediving

So, I went to the hospital and stuff for pneumonia last month. It sucked and has set back my freediving by more than a little. In fact, my breath holds are now ridiculous – ridiculous in a bad way. Hopefully, by this summer I’ll be out there.